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I can confidently say that this app offers unbeatable convenience. It simplifies complex processes and saves me valuable time. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, I can accomplish tasks effortlessly. It has become an essential tool in my daily routine.



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QRdy Dynamic QR: Empowering Your QR Code Experience with Smart Analytics, Custom Branding, and Advanced Features

Dynamic Links

Create dynamic links for flexible content updates

Advanced Tracking

Track and monitor QR code scans in real-time.

QR Code Generator

Generate dynamic QR codes for various use cases.


Ensure seamless QR code scanning on mobile devices

Smart Link Routing

Automatically direct users to the appropriate app store based on their device.

QR code analytics

Track the success of your marketing campaigns with QR code analytics. Gain insights into which campaigns are performing best and monitor their performance on a daily basis.

qrdy analaytic

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Unlock a world of powerful features, all completely free of charge.


  • Dynamic Device Differentiation
  • Customizable Dynamic Links
  • Seamless QR Code Tracking
  • And more ....



  • Including all free features.
  • Remove Qrdy Ads
  • Lightning-fast scanning speed compared to the free version.
  • Full potential of Qr Styler
  • Priority data processing.
  • Unlimited QRs Without Ads
  • Pro-exclusive Scanning Analytics*
  • The QR code will be instantly transferred directly to your website.**
  • Unlimited QR code customizations without any restrictions.
  • Along with all upcoming features.

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