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Qrdy - One Link is an application that enables the creation of dynamic QR codes and provides additional services such as generating short links that redirect users to your app based on their device. You can effortlessly incorporate these links into your website, social media platforms, emails, and advertising campaigns, while seamlessly monitoring their performance.

The Right Plan for

Your Business

Unlock a world of powerful features, all completely free of charge.


  • Dynamic Device Differentiation
  • Customizable Dynamic Links
  • Seamless QR Code Tracking
  • And more ....



  • Including all free features.
  • Remove Qrdy Ads
  • Lightning-fast scanning speed compared to the free version.
  • Full potential of Qr Styler
  • Priority data processing.
  • Unlimited QRs Without Ads
  • Pro-exclusive Scanning Analytics*
  • The QR code will be instantly transferred directly to your website.**
  • Unlimited QR code customizations without any restrictions.
  • Along with all upcoming features.

Only 1$


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