Free Mobile Campaign Measurement - A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics


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Google Analytics is already very familiar to you when it comes to website development, isn't it? In the field of Mobile Marketing, we also have Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics (which is also a product of Google). However, you may have overlooked a fascinating feature called Campaign Measurement. Unlike website Campaign Measurement, which mostly appears "automatically," it allows you to easily track the source of your customers and compare the performance of different advertising campaigns. Today, let's explore how Campaign Measurement works on mobile.

What is Mobile Campaign Measurement?

Mobile Campaign Measurement Simply put, Mobile Campaign Measurement involves identifying installation sources and important metrics such as access time, duration, and user interactions within mobile applications. Campaign Measurement is commonly used with utm_source to differentiate installation sources. By tracking Campaign Measurement, you can compare the effectiveness of different campaigns. For example:

Why is Campaign Measurement important?

Mobile is a unique field where a portion of "organic traffic" comes from app stores. Therefore, it is crucial for app stores to evaluate your traffic. For instance, if you are running a campaign with Partner A, but the uninstall rate from this partner is excessively high, it may impact your store's metrics. Campaign Measurement now allows you to understand the usage duration of traffic from Partner A compared to your regular traffic, enabling you to make informed decisions. Aso with Mobile Campaign Measurement

Viewing Mobile Campaign Measurement with Google Analytics

There are two methods to compare different Campaign Measurements: using Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics, and then selecting "Edit comparisons." Next, choose "First user source / medium" if you want to track users' first installations from specific sources. After that, confirm your selection, and you will be able to view an overview table of the selected source. Viewing Mobile Campaign Measurement With Google Analytics

How to Create Mobile Campaign Measurement Links

Step 1: To create Mobile Campaign Measurement links, you need to integrate Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics SDK for both Android and iOS platforms.
Step 2: Access QrDy and select the "Appstore" section.
Step 3: Fill in the necessary information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my QRdy account have this feature?

-> Currently, we only support this feature in the pro version. You can upgrade to the pro version starting from only $2 here.

Why did I install the app but don't see any data appearing?

-> For mobile, data may take up to 24 hours or longer to be displayed.

Android shows data, but iOS doesn't. Why?

-> The iOS platform presents more complexities due to policies and user consent requirements for data sharing. We can only display these metrics if users agree to share their data. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to message us.


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