Why should you use Qrdy instead of Bio link for KOLs?


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Why KOLs should use Qrdy instead of Bio Links

Bio link is abbreviated from Biography, which means biography or profile. A bio link is a link that leads to a personal website or business which contains basic information and links to other social media accounts of the owner.

With bio links, TikTok account owners can easily promote their personal information, brand, and products/services. By sharing the bio link, they can attract a large amount of traffic, increase engagement and sales revenue.

So where does the TikTok bio link appear on the app interface? The bio link is displayed right in the biography section of the account owner, under the basic information such as name, avatar, number of followers. Users can easily find and tap the bio link to access the personal website.

Tiktok Bio Link

2. Benefits of adding bio links on TikTok

Creating a TikTok bio link brings the following benefits:

2.1. An effective money-making tool

The bio link contains all the shopping links of products/services that account owners want to introduce to TikTok users. Therefore, adding a bio link is an useful way to earn money quickly on TikTok and increase traffic.

2.2. Make TikTok page more professional

Nowadays, TikTok page is a tool that contributes to building personal brand for influencers. In which, bio link helps complete and professionalize the personal profile of account owners. This is also a favorable condition to impress brands who want to cooperate with TikTokers.

2.3. Better user navigation

Creating a bio link on TikTok also benefits user navigation to Facebook, Instagram, websites, etc. When the number of TikTok views or followers increases, it also helps improve traffic to other platforms.

2.4. Other benefits

Disadvantages of Bio Links in 2023 onwards

1. TikTok restricts external links

When users click on a bio link, they will be warned that the link is unsafe and have to click the continue button.

2. Doesn't directly open 3rd party apps

which clears cookies. For example, when you are an afflite for Lazada or Shopee, you need to open Lazada or Shopee app to save the cookies.

Bio Link does not directly open the Lazada application

3. Requires at least 1000 followers to add bio link

According to TikTok's policy, the Bio Link feature is only available for eligible accounts. Specifically, a TikTok account needs at least 1000 followers to be able to add and use Bio Link.

If an account has less than 1000 followers, the Bio section does not allow users to add links. They have to wait until they reach the required number of followers.

This can be seen as a "checkpoint" to verify the professionalism and reputation of accounts. TikTok wants to ensure that accounts allowed to use Bio Link are those with a certain influence on the community.

This will limit abuse and unwanted spam links on the platform. It also encourages account owners to develop better instead of relying on the Bio Link feature.

4. Most bio links are websites so mobile display is very poor and slow loading

Most Bio Links lead to regular websites instead of mobile apps. Therefore, when users access from phones, the experience will not be optimal:

Bio link solution in 2023 with Qrdy

1. No need for 1000 followers, you can still add Qrdy dynamic

Qrdy provides 2 reasonable solutions for accounts with less than 1000 followers. You can change the profile picture to our QR image so that when users scan the QR, it will lead to your link.

Link bio with Qrdy Dynamic QR new breakthrough

2. Directly open unlimited Affiliate sites

Qrdy is a dynamic QR solution on mobile so we are fully compatible with other mobile apps. For example, users will directly go into the Lazada app and shop after clicking your Lazada link. Helps you optimize Affiliate and prevent losing Traffic.

3. Mobile friendly

As a mobile product, our display and UX are more suitable than other bio links.

How to create a Dynamic QR with Qrdy

Step 1: Go to "Create Dynamic QR"

Instructions to create dynamic Qrdy

Step 2: Enter the content you want

Edit the content of qrdy

Step 3: Click the "Create" button

Step 4: Save QR image


In the context of social media development, KOLs should switch to using Qrdy instead of Bio Links for the following reasons:

Thus, with these outstanding advantages, KOLs should consider switching to use Qrdy instead of traditional Bio Links.


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