How to validate user email with Google Forms and App Scripts


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Sometimes in certain cases, we cannot use the APIs or libraries provided by Google to integrate Google login and authenticate user emails. For example, when building a chatbot to close orders or organize events, integrating Google Login may be very challenging. Therefore, we need to find alternative solutions to authenticate user identities.

In this article, I will guide you on how to validate user emails in a simple and effective way using Google Sheets and Google App Scripts. This is an excellent alternative solution when the Google Login API cannot be used.

How to validate user email with Google Forms and App Scripts

Step 1: Create a Google Form to collect information

Create a Google Form, require users to enter necessary information such as email, name, phone number, etc. Get the form link to use in the next step Tạo google form để xác thực mail

Step 2: Process user information in Google Sheets

User information submitted via the form will be automatically saved into a Sheet Use Google App Scripts to process this information Filter and validate the data Call authentication API in Step 3 with user email as input Gọi server xác thực email

Step 3: Authenticate via API

Build an API to authenticate user email The API will check if the email already exists in the system Return authentication results to the App Script Display authentication status to users This completes the authentication flow with Google Sheets, allowing email validation without Google Login. You can see the full sample code I created here



No need for complex Google SDK integration Can be easily applied to various services like chatbots, websites, etc. Works even when Google Login API cannot be integrated Simple to implement for those with basic coding skills


Only validates email, cannot get full user information Difficult to scale to millions of users More complex logic than using Google Login API Overall, this method suits small apps with a moderate user base. It's a good alternative when Google Login is not feasible.


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